Mar. 24th, 2015

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It wouldn't normally have taken this long to sail from Astoria to Nilbog, but as it was the shakedown cruise of The Longstocking, Billy and family had decided to take their time.

"Land ho cap'n!" Ana called out when the island was in sight. Of course they'd rarely been out of sight of land.

"Arrr!!" Tommy yelled. Someone had taught him that that was what you said on a boat. Or perhaps that was his way of saying Aye.

"Prepare for docking procedures First Mate Anastasia!" Billy laughed. She seemed to have not only warmed up to, but embraced the idea of moving. Or possibly she'd just really enjoyed the trip.

A tall, brunette woman was waiting for them at the dock.

"Will Kessler?" she introduced herself, "I'm Helen Day." They shook hands. "I'm a friend of Gail's and one of the mechanics. She wanted to come meet you herself, but the head Archeologist's work is never done. As long as no one breaks anything, I manage to get some time off."

Billy grinned. "Nice to meet you Helen, Tommy! Wait for us!" He'd learned that if he shouted in Japanese it helped get his kids' attention.

The boy froze in his tracks, where he'd been dashing up the dock. Helen looked where Billy had yelled, and he wasn't sure if she understood what he'd said, or just got that he was yelling at his three year old son.

"Gonna have to put a leash on that kid." Billy sighed.
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"Mariner to Locker, come in. I repeat, Mariner to Locker! Davy Jones, respond!"

The captain looked worriedly at the radio. The silent radio. Davy Jones, head of the personnel manning the Locker ran a tight ship. It was why he'd been put in charge. So when they missed a scheduled check-in, the brass had gotten worried.

"Mariner to Sharc, Deep Six, can you see them?"

"Affirmative Mariner. Everything looks ship-shape from here. Except for no challenge from sentries or demands from them personally to identify myself."

"Hold position till we get there." the Captain said. "We're not far out."

The Mariner picked up the Sharc, and then docked with the facility. Wet Suit, Torpedo, Deep Six and several greenshirts began to search the facility. What they found was, to put it mildly, chilling.


"Repeat that." Colton said calmly. Calm was the furthest thing from his mind however. He looked across at Duke and Hawk and saw the same fear in their eyes.

"All personnel at the Locker accounted for." the captain of the Mariner repeated. "All dead. As far as we can tell, they killed themselves. All prisoners likewise accounted for. All but our number one citizen."

"The Commander."

"He's gone General. Without a trace."


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