May. 1st, 2015

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"What've you got Doc?" Serpentor asked, taking the file folder from Mindbender's outstretched hand. His ever-present stern demeanor softened only slightly in the presence of his chief of staff.

"Two days ago one of our patrols stopped an unidentified vessel off the pacific coast." Mindbender said. The file was much more in depth, and no doubt his commander in chief would read it all. But he knew the man liked to have things summarized occasionally. It was like thinking aloud, only with someone else doing the vocalizing. "At first we thought it may be an espionage mission. It carried no weapons of it's own, but is equipped with two submersibles and a lot of diving equipment."

Serpentor eyed the name of the ship. Keldish. Russian? Ukranian? Then he looked further through the report. "But how many spy ships carry invalid old men and kids?" he asked.

"Precisely my Lord."


"That was our second assessment. The crew did appear to have been in a battle, and the child shows evidence of having experienced something traumatic."

Then Serpentor saw one particular name. "Zartan."

"I thought that would catch your interest. Their spokesman claims," and here he paused, partly it should be admitted, for dramatic effect. "That they are from an alternate dimension."

Serpentor looked up sharply. His eyes narrowed thoughtfully. "Convene the council."

"At once my Lord."


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