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"I'll be honest, I didn't think you'd catch him." Billy said. "I'm pretty sure he can breathe underwater, so I figured he'd head west. He worshiped kind of a Great Old One so he might have done well if he joined up with Destro's people."

Pythona smirked. "And instead he headed East. He reckoned without the massive amount of surveillance in our territory. But I suppose he was trying to keep us guessing."

"Or he was trying to get to my father." Billy mused. "If he'd figured out where you were holding him. Revenge maybe."

"Your father?"

By now they had reached the Keldish, relocated from Seattle to San Francisco. The alignment of worlds that had resulted in their accidental arrival here was over, and they'd managed to cut a deal with portalocity to get them all home.

There'd been some debate amongst Serpentor's council about keeping the ship. But it was decided that the research vessel, with it's short range subs would not actually do much good.

"Oh, didn't I mention? Our Cobra Commander is my father."

Pythona gaped. "Your father? And yet you are his enemy?" She shook her head. "Your world is very complicated isn't it."

"You have no idea."
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