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Captain's Log:

First Mate Anastasia stood her first watch tonight and managed to stay up the whole time. She's now zonked out in her bunk along with Tommy. I haven't thought of a clever title for him yet. Ana suggested Ship's Cat.

Meditation aside, I'm not one for introspection. But tonight, secretly keeping watch over my watchful daughter, I found myself wondering;

How the hell did I get here?

I'm the son of an international terrorist, and a house wife. I was adopted into a clan of Ninjas, not pirates, so how did I wind up as a Marine Archeologist?

Back in High School all I knew was, I didn't want to follow in my father's footsteps. I'd been surrounded by military types all my life it seemed, be they legit or mercenary. And I just wanted to run as far from that sort of life as I could. That surprised the hell out of my student adviser. She was MI6 I think, and she'd figured I'd go into some variation of the family business.

If I recall correctly, I already had developed an interest in Archeology, or at least history by then. Evie (what was her last name?) had started an Archeology club, and we actually found the wreck of a ship in a cave on Fandom Island. Was that where my interest in Marine History started too?

Except it was still, at that time, just a way of not being a soldier. Something academic. Now that I'm writing all this down, I think it really started when I met my step-father. He's a sailor. The son of a son of a sailor, like Jimmy Buffet sang. He's the one who taught me how to sail, got me into it.

When it came time to look at colleges, I discovered there was a way to combine the two interests.

And here I am. Pursuing a doctorate for God's sake. Doctor William Kessler. That's gonna sound weird.


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