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Anastasia and Tommy were being babysat by Helen, leaving Billy and Gail to enjoy their first official date.

Which had already turned serious.

"I'm dating Helen." Gail told him matter of factly. Despite her tone, she looked worried.

"Oh...uhm. Okay." Wow Billy had seriously misinterpreted what was going on here.

"Does that weird you out?" she asked next.

"What? No!" Billy was almost offended she'd felt the need to ask. He thought she'd know him better than that by now. "I just need to adjust my uhm, expectations is all. I thought..." Well hell may as well toss embarrassment to the wind. "I thought you and I..."

"Oh!" Gail slapped herself on the forehead. "Gods I'm messing this up. No, Billy I meant I'm dating her, but I want to date you as well."

"You...I..." What? "Am I the other guy?" Was he gonna be okay with that? Not if Helen was gonna be babysitting. What did Helen think they were out doing now?

"No she knows! I mean she's okay with it."

"Oh!" Keeping track of his father's moods had been easier than this. "So, you're interested in me, and you're interested in Helen."


"Is Helen interested in me?" Billy wasn't sure he could handle that sort of relationship.

"Oh no." Gail laughed. "I mean don't get me wrong, she likes you well enough, but she says you're a bit young for her." She took a deep breath, studying his expression. "So is that okay?"

He thought about it for a moment. And found he had no particular immediate objections.

"Well, I can't guarantee that I won't get jealous," or screw it up some other way, but that had been a concern even with a conventional relationship, "But I like Helen, and the kids love both of you. So, I'm willing to give it a shot if you two are."

Gail heaved a sight of relief. "Great. Now that that's out of the way," and with a swiftness that one would not think an archaeologist would manage, she grabbed him and kissed him.
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