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"At some point, my motivation changed." the man who had once been the most feared terrorist leader in the world mused. "At first, power was just going to be a means to an end. A way to, avenge my brother for one thing."

He spoke as though he were giving an interview, though there was no one in the room with him. Perhaps he knew he was being monitored.

"It was almost satirical in a way. Using the very corruption and greed I blamed for his death and my own ills, to bring down that system."

The Commander did this sometimes. Usually he sat in his wheelchair, staring blankly at the wall, in a semi-comatose daze. But occasionally he broke out into a kind of frenzy, giving rousing speeches to imagined followers, or gloating, villainous monologues to non-existent prisoners. And then there were these times, when he could have seemed sane, if only he were actually speaking to someone.

"I wonder when power became the goal itself. It was probably around the same time that I completely abandoned my civilian identity. And Cobra Commander went from being merely my title, to being my name. I can't even remember my original name now."
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