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Billy found himself trying to come up with creative ways to defy Umbrage's newest decree. There weren't too many loopholes left to obnoxiously exploit. Maybe he could somehow injure himself while in bed at the appointed time, so as to belie her claim it was for their safety.

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"Uh huh," Billy said. "Yeah I'm looking at the info right now. Uh huh. Can you deliver that? No I can pick it up. Just give me the address I can mapquest it."

He wrote down the info and promised he'd be by tomorrow to pick up the machine. He checked off an item on his list.

Karaoke Machine. Check.

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Billy had been abducted and expermimented on by Aliens. He'd been beaned by a troll. He was still recovering from going on a homicidal rampage on an Alien Spacecraft.

On thursday, he woke up, and he was a girl.

"..." He looked in the mirror and blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "...Least I'm pretty." she muttered. Then she smirked. "Let's see dad find me now."
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His brain was on fire. That's what it felt like. Though he'd been unconscious at the time deep down he knew what it felt like to burn. The machine, the feeling of thoughts, ideas and beliefs not his own, ripping their way into his mind. That's what it felt like. LIke his brain was on fire. And his own father was doing this to him.

He could hear nothing but the screams. His screams. His throat was raw, every breath was agony, but he couldn't stop. The scream was not merely pain, rage, or betrayal. It was all of those things.

He forced his eye open, knowing what he would see. The stone walls of Destro's castle. The controls for the machine. If he could get to those controls, he could stop this. But he was strapped tightly to the chair, unable to move. To even flinch.

Something moved in the darkness of the chamber. He didn't need to see it. He knew who it was. But then they stepped into the light. And he realized he was wrong.

A man with heavy burn scarring and wearing a green and red striped sweater and brown fedora...

"Welcome home son." the thing said with his father's voice.

That's when the spikes were punched through his skull into his brain.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Billy flailed out of his bed and fell to the floor, striking out at whatever was in reach.

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Billy was reclining in bed, reading some things for class. He'd welcome any sort of diversion. Though he should probably be carefull what he wishes for.

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Every light was on. But it wasn't enough. He wasn't going out like this. Not if he could help it. He was currently lighting the candles he'd bought at sanctity to shine light on any remaining shadows.

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Billy, in getting ready for his date with Ami, also decided to do a bit of cleaning. He still had notes and such from last semester scattered about and while searching through his desk for the can of polish he rarely used on his prosthetic, he put those away.

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He got the presents wrapped with no problems. He even got through most of the christmas cards just fine.

It wasn't until he got to the last one. The one he'd saved for last.

I'll be home, for Christmas

the radio was tuned to one of those 24/7 christmas stations. He figured it'd help him with the holiday spirit.

You can count on me

The card sat blank on his desk. It was borderline schmoopy. It was deliberately cute. All the others had had some kind of joke or something.

And there'll be snow, and mistletoe

"Dear Mom," he wrote, and his hand froze. Some things, some emotions you can block out. But only for so long.

And presents under the tree.

His hand clenched and he took a deep breath, fighting it. He would not cry. Sure he was alone, but those damn radio people...This was enough. The cards, the letters, these had to be enough.

His first christmas ever would not be-

I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dre-

"SHUT UP!!" With a short verbal outburst, he snatched up the radio and hurled it against the closed door.


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Billy sat at his desk, pondering the small box sitting on his desk. Duke had said that it was from Destro. did Billy really want anything Destro had to give him? Want anything to do with that life?

Well, who was he kidding? He was too damn curious as to what was in the box.

As it turned out, that was a safe deposit key for a bank in DC.

Back to staring and pondering.

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Billy had had a rather good time yesterday in the snow and so returned to his dorm room. He tossed his sleeping bag on the bed, and happened to spot two items on his desk. The first was a box, given to him by Destro, by way of Duke. The second was his cell phone, which was letting him know he had a message waiting.

"Message recieved, Sunday, December 3: Yo, Bill. It's Zanya. Call me 'kay? I gotta talk 'bout somethin' important."

Billy swore and tried calling her, but there was no answer. Stupid trolls.

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Billy was getting ready for his date in DC, while his stereo and cell phone harmonized.

God thinks you're an idiot!
God prefers a heretic!

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It's possible there were more spacious places to practice dancing. But the inclination had come upon him so suddenly that he hadn't wanted to take the time to go to the gym or something.

So instead, there was music on the stereo, and Billy was dancing in his room. It seemed to be some kind of amalgamation of all the dances he'd learned. Or possibly a seizure. With rhythm.

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It's funny how things can sneak up on you. You think you're over it, then BAM it hits you. Maybe a song on the radio reminds you of the love you lost. Maybe you smell carnations and suddenly you're back at your prom.

Or maybe you're facing just the right direction as you turn on the light as you're coming into your dorm room, and for just a split second, that standing lamp isn't a lamp but a man wearing a blue military uniform wearing a mask.

Billy gave a strangle yell of shock and lashed out with his artificial leg, smashing the lamp to the floor. And Billy realized what he'd done.


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Billy realized that he hadn't eaten much of his halloween candy. So he decided to try a bit of each kind that he'd gotten. Billy has never eaten that much candy at once before.

He is now feeling somewhat...energetic.

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Billy stretched, gave a yawn settled back in his chair, in hopes that St. Nicholson soon would be there and sat up blearily. Systematically, his brain took stock. Location: Dorm Room. Time: Earlier than was neccesary for getting up. For today was Saturday.

He focused on the Saturday part for a moment, debating whether to get out of bed or not. Then he remembered that there was something special about today.

Oh yes, Veteran's Day. Definately time to get up, he didn't want to just lie here today.

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"I hate this place." Billy muttered as he practically dove into his room. His clothes lay in a small pile under his bed, and his packed duffel still lay on his bed.

Pulling a clean change out of the bag, he quickly got dressed. Then he grabbed the clothes he'd apparently made a nest out of, and wrinkled his nose. Ew. He sighed and headed down to the laundry room. Looks like he'd be staying a little bit longer after all.
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Dragon!Billy lay in a nest made of the blanket and topsheet of his bed. He blinked lazily.

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The advantage to having very little in the way of personal possesions, was that it didn't take very long to pack them.

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He made one last check around the room to make sure he had everything. He'd have to stop by the weapons locker to retrieve his sword, guns and throwing stars but hopefully...hang on, what was that under his bed?

Something near the wall. He crawled under to get a closer look. Some kind of, medallion or something. He reached out to grab it and get it into the light for further inspection, but the moment his fingers touched it, his whole body tingled violently.

Anyone nearby, might hear an alarmed shout, and the sound of something clattering into the vent.

And see a bearded dragon where Billy had been a second ago.

Welcome to Fandom Billy.
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There was an envelope sitting on his bed when he got back to his room. It of course had no return address. Or, even an address at all. Just his name.

Cut for Letter )

Billy smiled sadly and stuffed the money into his pocket.

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