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It was warm enough out that Billy could go out walking and only need a jacket. He let his feet guide him and went on instinct, not really knowing where he was headed. As he walked, he thought about his mostly disasterous date with Annette. He felt rather foolish for even having asked her. Especially with the news he'd gotten that morning. That he would be attending Eckerd College next fall. It really made it hit home that in a few short months, it would be time to say goodbye to Fandom. And all his friends here. And really what was the good of entering into a relationship now?

He bent down to pick up a rock, and threw it at a tree. His shoulder twinged slightly, and felt tight, but the stitches held. Another two weeks and he'd be good as new.

And that was another thing. Since the beginning of the year he'd stopped bothering with his cover story. It would be weird having to lie to everyone again about who he was. Who his parents were. And he was going back to a world where his father could find him. After the security of living in a world separated from his own, could he go back to that?

Not surprisingly, his route wound up taking him to the campground. It looked decidedly empty, and lonely in the winter. It seemed a good place to brood. Talking to people helped sometimes, but sometimes you just needed to go off by yourself. Or at least Billy did.

Sitting down on the porch of one of the cabins, Billy let out a sigh. At least he had a teacher he could annoy before graduation.
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It was cold. Enough so that Billy was glad that the majority of things to do here were indoor activities.

"So, we've got the Aquarium, the Science Center, shops, what do you want to do first?" he asked Naomi.

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Billy found himself trying to come up with creative ways to defy Umbrage's newest decree. There weren't too many loopholes left to obnoxiously exploit. Maybe he could somehow injure himself while in bed at the appointed time, so as to belie her claim it was for their safety.

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Billy had rented the transportation, and memorized the Mapquest directions. So they shouldn't get too lost. He was ready for a day of mirth and merriment.

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Billy felt like going for a walk, so he was making a circuit around town, figuring eventually he'd wind up down by the beach.

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Billy got out of the taxi, stretching and holding the door for Ami. He didn't say anything.

The trip to Mt. Fuji that morning had been picturesque, but awkward. He hadn't said much. Not since the confession of the night before things had been like that.

And now after a long plane trip and a taxi ride, they were home.

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"Uh huh," Billy said. "Yeah I'm looking at the info right now. Uh huh. Can you deliver that? No I can pick it up. Just give me the address I can mapquest it."

He wrote down the info and promised he'd be by tomorrow to pick up the machine. He checked off an item on his list.

Karaoke Machine. Check.

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using some poetic license to give this place an open mic stage.

Billy sank into one of the couches and smiled at the slightly goth looking girl who took his order. Up on the stage, a tall young man with dyed black hair and a mischievous glint in his eye was just finishing up a piece about taking over the world with an army of cartoon penguins.

"And once the world was secured in my unquestioned control, I'd say
Hey, Cartoon Penguin Fellas. Have some sardines. Give your flippers a rest.
And my Cartoon Penguin Waiter Army would unanimously nod their heads at the great idea, go
off, have some cartoon sardines, and get back to work as Cartoon Penguin servants.
It's just a good thing for the world that that can never happen.
It's all I'm saying.
It's just a good thing."

Billy stared, and the folks in the place laughed and clapped.

"Thank you very much," the guy said. "This next piece is called, Next Please:
In the past, I have found myself in Baby Blue, employed at
Our lady of Blockbuster..."

ooc: First, post is open. Second, the two brief snatches of poetry herein are real pieces written by my friend Casey who now lives in New York.
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Billy had been abducted and expermimented on by Aliens. He'd been beaned by a troll. He was still recovering from going on a homicidal rampage on an Alien Spacecraft.

On thursday, he woke up, and he was a girl.

"..." He looked in the mirror and blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "...Least I'm pretty." she muttered. Then she smirked. "Let's see dad find me now."
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His brain was on fire. That's what it felt like. Though he'd been unconscious at the time deep down he knew what it felt like to burn. The machine, the feeling of thoughts, ideas and beliefs not his own, ripping their way into his mind. That's what it felt like. LIke his brain was on fire. And his own father was doing this to him.

He could hear nothing but the screams. His screams. His throat was raw, every breath was agony, but he couldn't stop. The scream was not merely pain, rage, or betrayal. It was all of those things.

He forced his eye open, knowing what he would see. The stone walls of Destro's castle. The controls for the machine. If he could get to those controls, he could stop this. But he was strapped tightly to the chair, unable to move. To even flinch.

Something moved in the darkness of the chamber. He didn't need to see it. He knew who it was. But then they stepped into the light. And he realized he was wrong.

A man with heavy burn scarring and wearing a green and red striped sweater and brown fedora...

"Welcome home son." the thing said with his father's voice.

That's when the spikes were punched through his skull into his brain.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Billy flailed out of his bed and fell to the floor, striking out at whatever was in reach.

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Billy was reclining in bed, reading some things for class. He'd welcome any sort of diversion. Though he should probably be carefull what he wishes for.

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Every light was on. But it wasn't enough. He wasn't going out like this. Not if he could help it. He was currently lighting the candles he'd bought at sanctity to shine light on any remaining shadows.

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Billy, in getting ready for his date with Ami, also decided to do a bit of cleaning. He still had notes and such from last semester scattered about and while searching through his desk for the can of polish he rarely used on his prosthetic, he put those away.

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He'd been unable to sleep.

Poor old punching bag. Fated to bear the brunt of Fandom student aggresion and frustration. In this case, Billy's. The still healing knuckles of his right hand protested as they struck the canvas, but it was better than punching the brick wall of Caritas. He'd gone there looking to get drunk, to lose control, but the fact was, he'd already lost control. He was disgusted with himself for losing his temper at the clinic.

Great way to start the year. he thought, kicking the bag. Decide to trust someone, and get it spat back in your face. As usual. But was he really mad at Aziraphale? Or himself? He'd thought to bury any negativity in him. Start fresh in the new year. It'd been going so well. He'd made inroads in making some new friends, had been in such a good mood.

Well, he'd just have to keep trying is all. One way or the other he was determined to show a new face to the world.
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Finals were done, and he felt confident that he’d at least passed. In some cases of course he was sure he’d done more than simply pass of course. And he hadn’t even needed to get strung out on caffeine to study.

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He couldn't not take the opportunity. So he turned and headed determinedly towards the causeway.

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After a quick stop in the common room, Billy headed out for a run on one of the shorter trails.

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Billy was currently doing a head stand in the middle of the room. come try to make him loose his concentration.
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He got the presents wrapped with no problems. He even got through most of the christmas cards just fine.

It wasn't until he got to the last one. The one he'd saved for last.

I'll be home, for Christmas

the radio was tuned to one of those 24/7 christmas stations. He figured it'd help him with the holiday spirit.

You can count on me

The card sat blank on his desk. It was borderline schmoopy. It was deliberately cute. All the others had had some kind of joke or something.

And there'll be snow, and mistletoe

"Dear Mom," he wrote, and his hand froze. Some things, some emotions you can block out. But only for so long.

And presents under the tree.

His hand clenched and he took a deep breath, fighting it. He would not cry. Sure he was alone, but those damn radio people...This was enough. The cards, the letters, these had to be enough.

His first christmas ever would not be-

I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dre-

"SHUT UP!!" With a short verbal outburst, he snatched up the radio and hurled it against the closed door.


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Billy sat at his desk, pondering the small box sitting on his desk. Duke had said that it was from Destro. did Billy really want anything Destro had to give him? Want anything to do with that life?

Well, who was he kidding? He was too damn curious as to what was in the box.

As it turned out, that was a safe deposit key for a bank in DC.

Back to staring and pondering.

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Billy had had a rather good time yesterday in the snow and so returned to his dorm room. He tossed his sleeping bag on the bed, and happened to spot two items on his desk. The first was a box, given to him by Destro, by way of Duke. The second was his cell phone, which was letting him know he had a message waiting.

"Message recieved, Sunday, December 3: Yo, Bill. It's Zanya. Call me 'kay? I gotta talk 'bout somethin' important."

Billy swore and tried calling her, but there was no answer. Stupid trolls.

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