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It was warm enough out that Billy could go out walking and only need a jacket. He let his feet guide him and went on instinct, not really knowing where he was headed. As he walked, he thought about his mostly disasterous date with Annette. He felt rather foolish for even having asked her. Especially with the news he'd gotten that morning. That he would be attending Eckerd College next fall. It really made it hit home that in a few short months, it would be time to say goodbye to Fandom. And all his friends here. And really what was the good of entering into a relationship now?

He bent down to pick up a rock, and threw it at a tree. His shoulder twinged slightly, and felt tight, but the stitches held. Another two weeks and he'd be good as new.

And that was another thing. Since the beginning of the year he'd stopped bothering with his cover story. It would be weird having to lie to everyone again about who he was. Who his parents were. And he was going back to a world where his father could find him. After the security of living in a world separated from his own, could he go back to that?

Not surprisingly, his route wound up taking him to the campground. It looked decidedly empty, and lonely in the winter. It seemed a good place to brood. Talking to people helped sometimes, but sometimes you just needed to go off by yourself. Or at least Billy did.

Sitting down on the porch of one of the cabins, Billy let out a sigh. At least he had a teacher he could annoy before graduation.


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