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He'd been unable to sleep.

Poor old punching bag. Fated to bear the brunt of Fandom student aggresion and frustration. In this case, Billy's. The still healing knuckles of his right hand protested as they struck the canvas, but it was better than punching the brick wall of Caritas. He'd gone there looking to get drunk, to lose control, but the fact was, he'd already lost control. He was disgusted with himself for losing his temper at the clinic.

Great way to start the year. he thought, kicking the bag. Decide to trust someone, and get it spat back in your face. As usual. But was he really mad at Aziraphale? Or himself? He'd thought to bury any negativity in him. Start fresh in the new year. It'd been going so well. He'd made inroads in making some new friends, had been in such a good mood.

Well, he'd just have to keep trying is all. One way or the other he was determined to show a new face to the world.
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don't step in the link droppings )

Billy was currently doing a head stand in the middle of the room. come try to make him loose his concentration.


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