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using some poetic license to give this place an open mic stage.

Billy sank into one of the couches and smiled at the slightly goth looking girl who took his order. Up on the stage, a tall young man with dyed black hair and a mischievous glint in his eye was just finishing up a piece about taking over the world with an army of cartoon penguins.

"And once the world was secured in my unquestioned control, I'd say
Hey, Cartoon Penguin Fellas. Have some sardines. Give your flippers a rest.
And my Cartoon Penguin Waiter Army would unanimously nod their heads at the great idea, go
off, have some cartoon sardines, and get back to work as Cartoon Penguin servants.
It's just a good thing for the world that that can never happen.
It's all I'm saying.
It's just a good thing."

Billy stared, and the folks in the place laughed and clapped.

"Thank you very much," the guy said. "This next piece is called, Next Please:
In the past, I have found myself in Baby Blue, employed at
Our lady of Blockbuster..."

ooc: First, post is open. Second, the two brief snatches of poetry herein are real pieces written by my friend Casey who now lives in New York.


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