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"You have to admit, a High School Graduation is the perfect occasion for our little drama isn't it? While children and their simpering parents celebrate, blindly placing their trust in some sort of renewal that never materializes...I stand here facing two men who I should have been able to trust more than anyone else on the planet. My sworn protector, and my own son. Blindness it seems, is contagious.

"I see you've taken a new apprentice Storm Shadow. Her name is Junko isn't it? Junko Akita." Storm Shadow looked surprised, and moved to interpose himself between his student, and his former boss. "Don't look so shocked. Did you really think you could keep her hidden from me?

"I used to believe that brainwashing could overcome the power of a man's soul. Time and again I was proven wrong. William, my own flesh and blood made a conscious choice long ago to stand against me. And your own devotion wavered time and again. You've betrayed me for the last time."

As one, the Night Creeper Assassins opened fire with their automatic rifles.

[ooc: NFI, NFB, but ooc comments are still welcome.]
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Three Ninjas Walk Into a Bar )

To Be Continued...

[OOC: Billy's speech, and Cobra Commander's retort are lifted from the first issue of the GIJoe mini-series Master And Apprentice 2. This storyline will follow the storyline of that series. NFB since it's off island, and no interaction. But ooc comments are welcome.]
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The Old Man, who had irritated the staff at Pizza Planet, and video taped Billy's graduation ceremony from the back, uploaded the images of Storm Shadow and Billy onto his lap top. He thought about including Mary, his ex, but decided she was too insignificant. He would let her go.

Once that was done, he reached up, and pulled a blue cowl over his head, hiding his face. Then he initiated contact with the Night Creepers.

"You have them?" he asked.

"Yes sir. The images are quite clear."

"Good. How soon can you get to Santori?"

"Greece? I thought you were Virginia?"

"It's a long story, and not important. How soon?"

"We have agents in Greece right now. They should be able to get to you by this evening."

"Good. Remember our agreement. I get to watch them die."

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