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His brain was on fire. That's what it felt like. Though he'd been unconscious at the time deep down he knew what it felt like to burn. The machine, the feeling of thoughts, ideas and beliefs not his own, ripping their way into his mind. That's what it felt like. LIke his brain was on fire. And his own father was doing this to him.

He could hear nothing but the screams. His screams. His throat was raw, every breath was agony, but he couldn't stop. The scream was not merely pain, rage, or betrayal. It was all of those things.

He forced his eye open, knowing what he would see. The stone walls of Destro's castle. The controls for the machine. If he could get to those controls, he could stop this. But he was strapped tightly to the chair, unable to move. To even flinch.

Something moved in the darkness of the chamber. He didn't need to see it. He knew who it was. But then they stepped into the light. And he realized he was wrong.

A man with heavy burn scarring and wearing a green and red striped sweater and brown fedora...

"Welcome home son." the thing said with his father's voice.

That's when the spikes were punched through his skull into his brain.


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Billy flailed out of his bed and fell to the floor, striking out at whatever was in reach.

ooc: pretty much establishy, but open for room mate, and door is knockable


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