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*Whatever people are watching around the world, be it news, or entertainment, the program is interrupted without warning. A stylized logo of a Cobra replacing it.*

"We interrupt this program to bring you vital information for your future, and for the future of your children."

The camera pulled back from the logo to reveal it to be a flag. Standing before the flag was a man in a blue uniform wearing an ominous looking helmet.

"I offer this message to the people of the world. I know many of you fear us. It's what you've been taught to do. Cobra has been labeled a terrorist group. Extremists. Fanatics. But so, too, were the American Colonists. And the French Revolutionaries. Even Nelson Mandela was labeled a terrorist.

"The point is, those in power fear change and will do everything to demonize those who seek it.

"Over the past several months, the great powers have bickered like confused children as dozens of conflicts exploded across the globe. Even now, with Boston lying in ruins, they continue to whimper for negotiation and patience. We have no patience. The world is in need of order and Cobra will bring it. Beginning with the criminals in Russia."

At that moment, as news services would soon report, bombs fell upon Moscow, causing untold devastation.

[Speech transcribed from G.I. Joe World War III trade paperback. Actually okay for broadcast and ooc or ic comments if people want to have seen the broadcast.]
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The White House, Washington DC, Early Friday Morning )

[Scoreboard: Cobra has bombed Boston, and taken the White House. NFB, and NFI. OOC comments are welcome. Dialogue from this and the previous post taken from the G.I. Joe trade paperback, World War III.]
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Presidential Address )

WNN Live Newscast: 'America Under Attack; Boston hit by Russian missiles' )

Cobra has made the first move.

[NFB, NFI, but ooc comments are love. Thus kicks off the the grand finale of Billy's canon. More to come soon.]


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