l1ttle_billy: (pythona)
2015-05-06 08:20 pm

Watergate Building, USC-La

Pythona looked curiously at the young man who entered with Mindbender and Serpentor. My but that was a look of a thousand deaths he was sending her way wasn't it.

"Is there a problem gentlemen?" she asked.

"We have a fugitive to recover." Serpentor told her. "Mr. Kessler can fill you..." he too noticed Billy's scowl.

"What's wrong?"

"Sorry." Billy said, without sounding very sorry. "A version of her was working with Marsh."

"Marsh?" she asked.

"Barnabas Marsh." Mindbender told her, already at work on the surveillance computer. "A criminal being transported across interdimensional boundaries by our new friend here."

"What did he do?"

"He had the other you abduct my daughter so they could use her as a ritual sacrifice to resurrect a demonic God."

Pythona looked mildly impressed. "Well well, nice to know that other Pythonas don't scheme small."

"Pythona is our liaison with the forces of Cobra-La." Serpentor told Billy. "She is also my national security advisor and head of homeland security."

"If your Mr. Marsh is still anywhere in territory controlled by us," she told Billy, "We'll find him."