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"How long," Billy growled, "How long have you been sitting on this? How long has he been loose, and you didn't tell me?!"

"Not as long as we were supposed to." Scarlett said. "Officially you don't have the clearance for this information."

"Oh really, the 'brass' doesn't think his son has a need to know? How many times has he tried to kill me when I hadn't been part of his ultimate downfall, and you don't think he'll come after me or the kids now?!"

Almost word for word what Scarlett had said when trying to convince Colton to clear her 'nephew' for the intel. She eventually had decided not to wait.

"If it helps, we didn't just let it lie." she said. "We put people on the island right away."

"Well that makes me feel better." he said sarcastically. Mostly he was now angry at himself for not paying closer attention and noticing new people. But it was the season when tourists started to come anyway. "How did he get out? Last time I heard about him his own people left him there."

"We don't know." she said, shuddering. That made him pause. For Scarlett to have such a strong reaction... "Everyone in the facility killed themselves." she told him. That was definitely not info he was supposed to be privy to. "And the surveillance tapes have been wiped."

Billy kept pacing, his hands clenching and unclenching. "Of course this is happening. My life was finally starting to fall into place. I suppose we'll have to leave now. Go into hiding or something."

"Not, exactly."
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