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"Explain to me again why we ain't locking him up?" Shipwreck growled, pointing at Zartan.

Scarlet, her arm in a sling just sighed.

"How about the fact that without me your rescue vessel would have been overrun, cutting off your escape route?" the master of disguise sneered. "By taking out that scout and taking his place I was able to tell everyone at the docks that it was one of theirs. Then I kept the group coming up to intercept you small, and saved your life once we got to you."

In another room, Billy and Ana were listening to the healer who'd examined Cobra Commander.

"I believe your people call it Dementia. Tell me, does he have a history of mental instability?"

"You have no idea." Billy sighed.

"I see. Well it's not surprising really given that and his advanced age. Or...his presumed advanced age. Since you don't know his birthday I couldn't really say as to that."

"Also you don't know how long humans live." Ana piped up.

The healer chuckled. "Yes that's so. Well in any case, there's nothing we can do I'm afraid. Matters of the mind are not ones that we've ever managed to fix. He'll need care and supervision for the rest of his life."

When a possibly alternate version of Ana and Tommy had visited Billy in high school, they'd told him that Grandpa lived with them. Could that future be coming to pass after all?


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