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Having ventured to a lost, magical island and rescuing his daughter from being sacrificed by a small army of sea monsters, Billy realized that the easy part was over.

They were returning now to his own world and a very complicated situation. First, there was the matter of his father. According to an Elven healer, whom he had no reason to distrust, the man had finally and completely lost it. Did they even have nursing homes for terrorists?

Then there was the fact that his friend, and biological mother of his kids was in jail. And Billy still didn't know how to get her out in a way that wouldn't leave him and his kids in need of asylum in another dimension. But even if they managed to get her released, there was still the final problem.

He didn't know if he still had a job.

Barnabas Marsh had been given a cursory examination by the healers and declared good enough. Then there'd been some dickering as to what to do with him. No one knew what world he was from originally, and so they didn't know who had jurisdiction. It was eventually decided that for now at least, he should be handed over to the US Government to stand trial for masterminding Cobra Commander's escape from prison, and in the process killing everyone in The Locker. Leda's people still weren't sure how much they wanted to make public, and even without emotions, Leda didn't like the idea of secret trials. Since Marsh was the one heading the project on Nilbog Island, it's future was uncertain.

Fortunately all this became beside the point as flood lights suddenly lit up the deck. "Unidentified vessel!" cried a voice over a loud-speaker. "You have entered the territorial waters of the United States of Cobra-La! Stand down and prepare to be boarded!"

"Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me." Billy groaned.
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