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Billy could still hear the crying. Anastasia didn't throw tantrums often, but when she did, boy howdy. Of course he wasn't sure if he was actually hearing her crying or just imagining it. And of course Tommy had gotten upset because she was upset, and now he was also crying because she had shut him out of her room.

So all in all, it was not a happy household.

"Am I being selfish?" he asked his step-father.

Billy had only one semester left in his graduate studies, and had been pondering what do when those were completed. Go for his Doctorate, or retire from academic life, settle down with his kids and try to get a job in his field.

Then an opportunity came long that he'd thought was the perfect compromise. A research project was starting on a coastal island in the Pacific that needed, among other things, Marine Archeologists. And he'd been offered a job, that would at the same time allow him to pursue his studies.

And he could take the kids! It was perfect! Except it turned out Ana was not too keen on the idea. Billy hadn't counted on her not wanting to leave her friends, or stop living with her beloved Grandparents.

His own father had taken him away at a young age. Of course the difference was, Cobra Commander had been looking to start a terrorist organization and had basically abandoned his son early on.

"Well, look at it this way." Mr. St. Croix said. "Do you really think you'd be able to find a job as a Marine Archeologist around here? You have to go where the work is Son. Change is hard for kids, but I think deep down Ana knew you all couldn't stay here forever. I was there, you looked into the school situation, the kid situation, hell you even looked at crime statistics and all ways on and off the island. This will be good for you. All of you."

An extra loud scream of anguish echoed down the stairs. Billy and his step-father both winced. He hadn't imagined that. "Even if she doesn't get that yet."


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